Vet Corner: Bugs and Worms

Vet Corner: Bugs and Worms

You might think that vaccinations, dewormers, heartworm preventions, and flea/tick controls are an incredible expense. And you may think your vet is just making money off you. Well, yes, the vet does make money from the sale of Interceptor, Advantix, Frontline, etc.

However, your vet would make a lot more money treating your pet for the sequelae of parasites or viral infections. Consider the costs of treating a puppy with a parvovirus infection (average $650), a dog for heartworms (average $400), or a cat or dog for anemia secondary to flea infestation or tick borne disease (average $600). Also consider the emotional strain on you while your pet is life-threatening sick.

Don’t let your pets get bugged. Protect them from external and internal parasites and those nasty viruses. You will come out ahead financially and will be able to enjoy the pleasure of your pet that much more.

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